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IT Services

A+ Systems Group / Q InfoTek IT Services offer a broad range of Networking and IT related technologies.

  • Custom Server Hardware Assembly
  • Windows Essentials 2012 Systems
  • Routers, Switches and other network devices
  • Wireless Networking
  • Network Documentation
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Custom Backup Solutions
  • Custom Data Solutions
  • Network Printing Solutions
  • Laser Printers and Repair
  • License Management
  • On-site & Inhouse PC Repair
  • Computer Components (main-boards, hard-drives, RAM, cases & more)
  • CAD Specialization
  • Performance Computers and Workstations
  • Network and Computer Consulting
  • Rack Mounts & Cable Management
  • E-mail Support and Exchange Management
  • Custom E-mail Hosting and Solutions
  • Groupware Driven Concepts using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange
  • Anti-virus, Anti-SPAM, Anti-Malware support and software
  • KVM Switches and Duplexers
  • Linux Based Web Hosting
  • Custom Software Solutions and Development
  • Self Managed Video Security Systems
  • Point of Sale Solutions
  • IT Assessment

IT/Networking Solutions that work for your business

Contracted IT work customized for your business needs

​Custom Hardware Quotes

Not sure what your next server should be?  Call us for a customized quote!

Volume Software Licensing

Simplify your software purchases and maintenanace with Microsoft Volume Licensing today!

PCI Compliance

Has your bank told you that you need to be PCI compliant?  If you process, store or transmit Debit or Credit Card data, your business is required to be PCI Compliant.

Chances are--you could be saving money on processing fees!  Have no clue what you need to do?  Or what all those questions mean?  Give us a call!  We can

​Custom Network Wiring

Need help cleaning up all those messy wires in your network area?  Call us!

​We Work With A Wide Range of Companies' IT Solutions.  How Can We Help You?

​Services Available

  • Contracted IT Work
  • Custom Servers
  • Networking (Wireless & Wired)
  • Backup Solutions
  • Self-hosted Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • Racks & Wiring
  • CAD Specialization
  • Self-Managed Video Security Systems
  • Network & Computer Consulting

​IT/Networking Solutions for Today

In this economy your business' computers and network need to be at top performance!  We're here to help with email solutions, server solutions, business networks, or network wiring.  Call today for a Free 1 Hour IT assessment

​Trying to keep your network secure? Start with a strong password!

Managing a secure network relies in part on users creating strong passwords.  Here are some tips...

  • At least 8-15 characters
  • Should contain

         -1 capital letter

         -1 lowercase letter

         -1 number

         -1 symbol

  • Should NOT be or contain a dictionary word or a dictionary word with numbers at the end
  • Should be changed every 90 days