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How Computer Literate Are You?

Whether you are a beginner interested in becoming more educated in the use of the computer or have experience and desire additional training at an advanced level, we have a class for you!

Do you want to...

  • Develop the skills you need to succeed and stay competitive in today's work place?
  • Make use of your computer more effectively at home for projects and record keeping?
  • Learn more about how your computer works and how to protect it and your data?
  • Cultivate your computer creativity?
  • Have fun with your computer?  Computers don't have to be "all work".  There are many activities to learn that are fun and interesting!

We Can Help!

Our goal is to help you become more comfortable with your computer

and  more confident in how you use it.

​Training solutions that work for your business or the individual

Cost effective, individualized classes on your schedule

​We work with a wide array of customers:

From senior citizens to engineers, from elementary school students to CEO's.  We help people succeed in technology

​Classes at the A+ Systems Group / Q InfoTek training Center are custom designed to meet your needs, and are available in several formats:

​* One-on-one, individualized Training Center on the software or subject of your choice can be scheduled at your convenience

* A standard schedule of classes are offered through the Mankato Community education office.  These classes are taught in the A+ Systems Group / Q InfoTek Training Center

* Customized classes can be created for your individualized or business needs.  Training is suprisingly affordable

* The A+ Systems Group / Q InfoTek Training Center space is available to be rented for your own events.  Call for more information

Training solutions for today

In this economy, employers need to have all their team members working at top efficiency.  This is best accomplished by providing them with the knowledge needed to fully utilize their tools

The Computer - The Ultimate Tool

Have you ever wondered if you are using it to it's fullest potential?  No matter what system or software you are using, there are key components in answering this question:

* Are you using the proper software for the task?

* Are you running the proper system for that software?

* Have you trained your people how to use that software to the fullest efficiency?

The A+ Systems Group / Q InfoTek Training Center is your opportunity to ensure that your staff is proficient, and efficient, in the use of the software.  Training in the software saves hundreds of manpower hours and assures that your staff does the best possible job.  It also raises company morale, as employees who have training made available to them feel valued, and invested in the achievement of your goals